Is the Global Mental Health Field in 2013 showered with too much meetings?

To mention a couple of Global Mental Health and international Psychiatry conferences this year:
1. May 31 Amsterdam, Europe: Cultural Psychiatry and Global Mental Health Symposium,
2. June 19-23 Istanbul, Turkey, Europe: World Psychiatric Association International Congress,
3. August 5-7 the Gold Coast, Australia: The 14th International Mental Health Conference,
4. 21-22 August Bangkok, Thailand, Asia: 3rd Global Mental Health Summit of the Movement for GMH,
5. August 25-28 Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America: World Mental Health Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health,
6. September 27-28 London, UK: CGMH Conference: Sustainable development through global action: The case for investing in mental health,
7.October 3-4 Lisbon, Portugal, Europe: First high-level technical meeting of The Gulbenkian Global Mental Health Platform,
8. October 27-30 Vienna, Austria, Europe: World Psychiatric Association (WPA) International Congress.
How much will this cost? I dare not to count (I’m always worried that more money is going to travel, hotels and meetings than to capacity building in the global mental health field).
Will there be new info and new attendees? Or are the same people traveling and listening to each others presentations over and over again? Would we be better off with one big international meeting each year? Each two years? Or offer these different meetings in different corners of the world better opportunities?
Would it be better to organize such meetings in a low income country in stead of Europe or Australia?
Is it fair to organize conferences about global mental health without funding for people from low and middle income countries?
What do you think?

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  • monique  On May 16, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    Different parts of the world have different experiences and holding different meetings makes it easier for locals to benefit.I would wish that one of the meetings is held in Nairobi soon.Knowledge is crutial in our practice and we need to search for it.

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