UNITAR-EMDR Europe Conference Geneva in 25 Tweets:

‏This time together with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research), EMDR Europe organized it’s 14th annual conference in Geneva. This corporation with UNITAR resulted in a special track for UN and humanitarian agencies personal, with topics about work with refugees, with abused children, after natural disasters and in acute trauma, with people who were kidnapped, and with relief workers.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. More info on the website of the EMDR Institute.

I’ve found 25 tweets about this conference:
1. @MukeshKapila 2 Jun: Can trauma healing stop the inter-generational transfer of evil? Speaking 6pm 6Jun @CICG_Geneva. Promoting peace conf: EMDR Europe @UNITAR
2. @in2mh 6 Jun: Today opening of the #EMDR Europe 14th annual conference http://www.emdr2013.eu #Geneva together with @UNITAR & http://ngo-forum-health.ch
3. @in2mh 6 Jun: ‘A dream comes true’ Udi Oren president of #EMDR Europe http://www.emdr-europe.org EMDR (psycho-trauma treatment) in recognized by the @WHO
4. @in2mh 6 Jun: Slide about EMDR and the @WHO Guidelines for #PTSD (summary by Udi Oren, EMDR Europe) http://pic.twitter.com/U11inLlIX2
5. @in2mh 6 Jun: News: at @worcester_uni (UK) the very first MSc in #EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) will start in Jan2014 #PTSD
6. @in2mh 6 Jun: Derek Farrell, EMDR Europe HAP http://www.emdr-europe.org/info.asp?CategoryID=11 … just received the David Serven Schreiber Award his Contributions to #EMDR
7. @in2mh 6 Jun: @MukeshKapila at http://www.emdr2013.eu today: Can #EMDR or other trauma healing treatment save us from future genocides and atrocities?
8. @in2mh 6 Jun: According to @MukeshKapila we (people of the World) are getting more quarrelsome and cruel. See slide with figures: http://pic.twitter.com/zq3zdJ0YkZ
9. @in2mh 6 Jun: ‘Cruelty starts in the head and heart of men. And there is it where it must be stopped’ @MukeshKapila at #EMDR Europe conference today
10. @sidchat1 6 Jun: @mukeshkapila speaks to #EMDR mental health experts on #trauma linked to #genocide & mass #atrocities. http://pic.twitter.com/i0KZkAnL6I
11. @in2mh 7 Jun: attended excellent #EMDR & #Psychosis workshop today by D.van/der Berg, B.van/der Vleugel & P.de Bont Abstract: http://www.emdr2011.eu/emdr-conference/abstracts/workshops
12. @in2mh 7 Jun: Slide at # EMDR congress: Clinicians often reluctant to treat Trauma or PTSD in ppl with Psychosis research reveals http://pic.twitter.com/yTkDR916ii
13. @in2mh 7 Jun: Research: EMDR can reduce #PTSD and psychotic symptoms significantly! http://emdr2013.eu workshop Slide: http://pic.twitter.com/eGLYxqZwnP
14. @in2mh 7 Jun: Burden of Trauma in ppl with Psychosis is 10-20 fold higher then population! See slide with figures from research: http://pic.twitter.com/RM1HP5TzdD
15. @in2mh 7 Jun: take home messages Workshop EMDR, Psychosis & Trauma at http://www.emdr2013.eu conference. Slide http://pic.twitter.com/p7HPxjE7k7
16. @in2mh 7 Jun: Quote P.Chandarasiri (EMDR trainer Thailand) ‘Trauma is wound of the Soul, EMDR is Free the Soul from the Past’ at @UNITAR EMDR congress
17. @in2mh 7 Jun: main message @WHO Mark van Ommeren today at http://emdr2013.eu You need big trials & RCTs if you want to be part of WHO politics #EMDR
18. @in2mh 7 Jun: Slide: #WHO New Guidelines for conditions related to #Stress incl. #PTSD Will be released in August 2013 #mhGAP http://pic.twitter.com/8rH8jH94xA
19. @in2mh 8 Jun:The R-TEP protocol for Early EMDR Intervention (EEI) Elan Shapiro Workshop today. See article (30pgs/PDF) http://www.springerpub.com/content/downloads/Ch12+Summary-Sheet.pdf
20. @in2mh 8 Jun: ‘Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorders with EMDR’ gr8 workshop today Dolores Mosquera abstract: http://www.emdr2013.eu/conference-program/workshop-abstracts … (scroll down)
21. @in2mh 8 Jun: I was at the HAP Europe http://www.emdr-europe.org/info.asp?CategoryID=11 meeting today (EMDR in humanitarian settings) at http://emdr2013.eu ….
22. @in2mh 8 Jun: HAP (EMDR) trainings in humanitarian settings: more research data on the impact of the work needed in order to get funding & recognition…
23. @in2mh 8 Jun: HAP (EMDR) trainings in #humanitarian settings since 1991, but how to improve & concert initiatives intern & with other Int’l agencies…
24. @in2mh 8 Jun: Derek Farrell, at EMDR Europe HAP meeting: ‘When we go, we feel good. But does it really make a difference?’ #humanitarian #mhpss
25. @in2mh 8 Jun: 3 day EMDR Europe conference Geneva is just finished. Next one will be 26-29 June 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland http://www.emdr2014.com #EMDR

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