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My 13 takeaways of the 3rd Malawi Mental Health Research and Practice Development Conference

The conference: This 3rd annual Malawi Mental Health Research and Practice Conference took place on 22-23 April 2013 at the Saint John of God College of Health Sciences in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi. The event was organized by the St. John of God College, the Department of Mental Health College of Medicine Malawi University, and the Scotland-Malawi Mental Health Education Project (SMMHEP). Continue reading

New list: Mental Health and MHPSS manuals for Non-Specialized Settings

Yesterday, I posted a new list on the in2mentalhealth website. It’s a compilation of all the online available and hard copy intervention/program manuals I know.
The Link: More then 20 Mental Health and MHPSS Manuals for Non-Specialized Settings.
The list starts with a couple of links to free downloads and (not free) hard copies of interventions/program manuals for general mental health care. Then a few in the MHPSS (Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support) field. And the last few manuals are focused on care and programs for children.
If you know other manuals or relevant information please comment on this post or email: in2mentalhealth@gmail.

Today audio/video livestreaming of ‘The Global Mental Health Crisis’ by Vikram Patel

Today, 10th Apr 2013 6:00-7:15pm (BST, London time), keynote presentation by Vikram Patel at the RSA, London, UK.
His presentation is called ‘The Global Mental Health Crisis: What the rich world can learn from the poor’: How to address the large gaps in access to mental health care in developing countries? Vikram Patel argues for the model of community-based intervention that prevails in the developing world to be utilized as a template for the developed one.
You can listen and watch this event live online. Use the links on the event website. You can check your time at 6pm BST here with the time zone converter.

This is my voice! The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP) project and survey

picWNUSPThe WNUSP is an international representative network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. Building on the success of the past decade, WNUSP embarks on a project to further build their global movement. It is called ‘Strengthen Our Voices!’.
During this first quarter of 2013, WNUSP is sending out a questionnaire and asking members of the movement what their opinions and views are. You can download the WNUSP 2013 Survey here. Please send it back to
The information that you give will assist this important global network towards more strength and growth.

in2mhconnect launched today, read blog post about it

Today this in2mhconnect website is launched as a new connect and discuss platform for people involved or interested in global mental health.
You can read more about the whole process behind this site in the in2mentalhealth blog post: ‘How to reach the unconnected? in2mhconnect is on the air’.
You can read ‘HOW TO GET SMS/TEXT OR EMAIL UPDATES? HOW TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION?’ in the information pages here on this site.
Hope to have a lot of interactions here!
Roos Korste

The 20 Golden Tips from the GETHealth Summit NYC February 2013

The GETHealth Summit (Global Education and Technology Health), 6-7 February 2013 in the United Nations, New York City, aimed ‘to bridge the health workforce gap in developing countries through new partnerships between innovators in Global Health Education and Information picGEThealthSummit2Technology. The Summit brought together leaders in health, education and IT to discuss and develop initiatives designed to empower providers in the most resource-limited communities in the world’. It were very inspiring and entertaining days: About 150 optimistic and dedicated people from around the World, a bulk of knowledge and experience and plenty of successes and recommendations (and a few failures).

I would like to bring across the main messages from this summit in ’20 golden tips’: Continue reading

A World Mental Health Day 2012 read: Mental Health care in 14 African Countries

map of Africa,

This article is a trip through the current mental health field of Africa in 28 recent articles from 14 African countries. Mental health facilities, legislation and capacity building on the African continent are amongst the poorest of the world. But there are improvements, developments and off course many many challenges left. Continue reading

10 pluses and 2 minuses for the World Mental Health Congress, 18-21 October 2011, Cape Town

With e few hundred other delegated from all over the world, I attended this 3 days biennial Global Mental Health Congress(WMHC2011), organized by the South African Federation of Mental Health(SAFMH) and the World Federation for Mental Health(WFMH). Besides 5 keynote lectures each day, there were 20 symposia, 21 free paper sessions, 16 workshops, 4 video-presentations and dozens meet-the-author poster sessions. Continue reading

My 10 picks today: 2nd Summit of the Movement for Global Mental Health:

With more then 100 others I attended today, 17 October 2011, this one day summit in Cape Town, South Africa. Although I missed the very first part of the day (due to waiting cue for the registration) and the very last part (due to the desire to do some groceries before shops were closed), I followed all the other 25 presentations and 6 plenary discussions. Continue reading