about me

I’m Roos Korste, founder and admin of this site.
I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Blogger and International Trainer.

In the last six years I’ve been writing about Global Mental Health and ehealth/mhealth/elearning on this website. And I’m active on social media like Twitter and Facebook.
As you can read in my blog posts, I see many opportunities with the internet and mobile networks for the global mental health field. But I write about recovery methods (for severe mental illnesses) and funding for global mental health too.

I’m a clinical psychologist by profession since 1995 (University of Amsterdam, UVA, the Netherlands) with three years of additional postgraduate training in mental health care. I have a broad experience in psychological consultation, individual/couple/group treatments, supervision, training of mental health staff and program development. My clinical work has been in the Netherlands except one year, in 1999-2000, when I’ve been working at the psychiatric hospital of Surinam, Latin America.
Since 2005 I am a freelance mental health trainer for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as well. I have been training local counselors and community health workers in India, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Sudan/Darfur, Russian Federation (counselors from Chechnya), Uzbekistan, Jordan (counselors from Iraq) and Kenya (nurses from Somalia). The content of these trainings range from basic communication and counseling skills to cognitive behavioral techniques and group/community work.

Currently (2017) I work in an outpatient clinic for people with severe mental vulnerabilities like psychosis, bipolar disorder, addictions or personality disorders in the Netherlands (FACT Flexible Assertive Community Treatment).


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