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59 Fundraising Options for Global Mental Health

Attention: Due to time constraints, I was forced to stop updating this list by June 2015. The information will be outdated soon. Sorry, I hope you will find your information elsewhere on the internet.

It is a challenge for all sectors in Global Mental Health to get or safeguard finance. Think of anti-stigma campaigns, advocacy agencies, rehabilitation/housing projects, mental health care facilities, educations and research.
And this may require thinking outside the box of mental health and partnering on projects for disability, children, other vulnerable groups, human rights, emergency relief, chronic disease, science and development. Or trying to get small (micro) loans, get finance for a business, or try to win an award for certain achievements.

Offered here is a list of 59 funding or grant organizations, from the very small funding initiatives to the big global donors, from conventional funding to innovative online fundraising and loans. Continue reading