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Today audio/video livestreaming of ‘The Global Mental Health Crisis’ by Vikram Patel

Today, 10th Apr 2013 6:00-7:15pm (BST, London time), keynote presentation by Vikram Patel at the RSA, London, UK.
His presentation is called ‘The Global Mental Health Crisis: What the rich world can learn from the poor’: How to address the large gaps in access to mental health care in developing countries? Vikram Patel argues for the model of community-based intervention that prevails in the developing world to be utilized as a template for the developed one.
You can listen and watch this event live online. Use the links on the event website. You can check your time at 6pm BST here with the time zone converter.

This is my voice! The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP) project and survey

picWNUSPThe WNUSP is an international representative network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. Building on the success of the past decade, WNUSP embarks on a project to further build their global movement. It is called ‘Strengthen Our Voices!’.
During this first quarter of 2013, WNUSP is sending out a questionnaire and asking members of the movement what their opinions and views are. You can download the WNUSP 2013 Survey here. Please send it back to wgwnusp2013@gmail.com.
The information that you give will assist this important global network towards more strength and growth.

in2mhconnect launched today, read blog post about it

Today this in2mhconnect website is launched as a new connect and discuss platform for people involved or interested in global mental health.
You can read more about the whole process behind this site in the in2mentalhealth blog post: ‘How to reach the unconnected? in2mhconnect is on the air’.
You can read ‘HOW TO GET SMS/TEXT OR EMAIL UPDATES? HOW TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION?’ in the information pages here on this site.
Hope to have a lot of interactions here!
Roos Korste

Eight encounters with Mental Health care Kenya

In January 2013, I had the opportunity to extent my stay in Kenya, after providing a MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières, Doctors Without Borders) mental health and basic counseling training for a group of Somali nurses in Nairobi. After these 2 weeks training I arranged a couple of visits and interviews with people working in, or using/surviving, mental health services in Kenya Continue reading

59 Fundraising Options for Global Mental Health

Attention: Due to time constraints, I was forced to stop updating this list by June 2015. The information will be outdated soon. Sorry, I hope you will find your information elsewhere on the internet.

It is a challenge for all sectors in Global Mental Health to get or safeguard finance. Think of anti-stigma campaigns, advocacy agencies, rehabilitation/housing projects, mental health care facilities, educations and research.
And this may require thinking outside the box of mental health and partnering on projects for disability, children, other vulnerable groups, human rights, emergency relief, chronic disease, science and development. Or trying to get small (micro) loans, get finance for a business, or try to win an award for certain achievements.

Offered here is a list of 59 funding or grant organizations, from the very small funding initiatives to the big global donors, from conventional funding to innovative online fundraising and loans. Continue reading

A World Mental Health Day 2012 read: Mental Health care in 14 African Countries

map of Africa, worldatlas.com

This article is a trip through the current mental health field of Africa in 28 recent articles from 14 African countries. Mental health facilities, legislation and capacity building on the African continent are amongst the poorest of the world. But there are improvements, developments and off course many many challenges left. Continue reading

Empowerment, Identity and Hope. Recovery and Peer/User-led models in Global Mental Health

A review of Recovery and Peer/User-led theories/projects/stories worldwide in:
10 organization-examples
10 inspiring videos
10 recovery models/theories
10 relevant documents Continue reading

A wake up SMS for Global Mental Health: mhealth in 40 short videos

What’s mobile health, text messages for life, text for change, Ushahidi, FrontlineSMS, Epysurveyor, M-Pesa? How does a SMS-computer interface work? How to send bulk messages, an automatic response SMS? And what do SMS polls and quizzes look like?
And what’s this got to do with Global Mental Health? Continue reading