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Global Mental Health Inside Stories: Dr Jibril I.M. Handuleh, Borama, Somalia

This is the start of a new series on this in2mhconnect website, the ‘Global mental Health Inside Stories’. In this series I want to collect and spread information/ideas from people active in mental health from all over the world and specially from low resource settings or fragile countries.
I hope this series contributes to more insight in the challenges and wishes from people active in these settings and adds to a more bottom up movement in global mental health.
picJibril2womenSomaliaDr. Jibril I.M. Handulah, physician practicing mental health in Borama, Northern Somalia, is the first who is willing to share his insights and experiences with us. Which is fantastic, given his busy schedule.
Dr. Jibril Handulah’s answers on 10 interview questions are as follows: Continue reading